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Posted By admin on 05/24/11 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean

Aletta Ocean Twin Peaks

Aletta asked the skipper if he could put his boat in between her peaks. After some careful consideration he decided the best option would be to lube his boat and cum at them from the valley below!

Watch the Aletta Ocean video below and watch as he cums at her peaks like a champ!


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AlettacOcean doing this n that

Aletta Ocean is the everyman’s porn star. She is so over the top in so many ways that you can’t resist wanting her in a very bad way. She has monster sized tits, a shapely ass and long legs to ensnare you in her sex! Like a black window, once she gets ahold of you, its all over! Lights Out!!!

Watch the Aletta Ocean glass dildo video below!


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Posted By admin on 01/06/11 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean


They say that three’s a crowd, but then they have never met Aletta Ocean. To her three is just enough cock to fill every orifice. You’d almost think this babe was born with a clit in every orifice the way she takes cock. Deep inside every orifice!

Aletta Ocean has a sweet set of tits and a pussy that just won’t quit. She fists, she does anal, she is bisexual, all of which makes her wife material. While you won’t find her at the alter in a white wedding dress, you will find Aletta Ocean wearing her birthday suit every day of week on her official site!

Get all of the Aletta Ocean content you crave served up in one location!

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If you are going to double penetrate a hot babe you might as well give it to her in the ass! Aletta Ocean doesn’t mind the abuse, in fact, she actually prefers it. You’d think this crazy bitch has a clit hidden somewhere up her backside!

Aletta Ocean has been around the block and somehow she manages to look like she is as fresh as ever. Being in so many movies usually means you have to join tons of sites to get all of her. In order to avoid that she created her own site so you don’t have to search the Internet for this tasty hottie!

Fans of anal will really enjoy this babe since she enjoys having anal sex so much. Even her lesbian videos feature anal sex of some kind. She is real kinky, so fisting is also a major part of her sex arsenal. She fists herself and her friends!

Members of Aletta Ocean are treated to one of the most unique and rewarding memberships ever created. Your first month comes with 30 bonus sites from the network. Each month 10 more sites are added until you have a total of 50 sites and we aren’t talking feeds, we are talking full sites like!

To make things sweeter they discount your membership in the 4th month to only $9.95 and keep it there until you cancel! The network updates daily. There are over 2300 models in over 7300 episodes!

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Aletta Ocean licking nipples and pussy

After a long hard day at work of getting banged in every way possible Aletta Ocean likes to invite a special lesbian friend over and dildo drill her even harder.

You could say that Aletta is like a dream goddess when it comes to porn stars. She has juicy dick sucking lips, nice huge tits and a pink pussy that resembles pink rose petals. Her attitude towards sex is just as open as her ass is. Aletta Ocean has no qualms about doing anal and she even goes double anal in some videos!

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Posted By admin on 07/23/10 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean


One look at Aletta Ocean and you start having thoughts like, "Wow, I’d love to clean her pipes out!" Of course that’d be a figure of speech since her pipes look damn-clean from here!

You would think girls like Aletta Ocean are a dime a dozen in the porn industry, but you’d be wrong to think that way. There aren’t many girls that will go to the lengths this girl will to entertain you. Actually, I have that wrong. She doesn’t go to any lengths to please you because she is actually pleasing herself with all of this crazy stuff she does!

Whether you like watching a girl pee or take it anally, Aletta Ocean is your girl! She literally does it all and she does it porn star style!

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Posted By admin on 07/01/10 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean


I love the Oprah crowd. They always talk negatively about porn and their talking points revolve around things like: women don’t actually like anal and hot babes don’t hang around the house wearing lingerie. Well, Oprah, mine does, on both accounts and Aletta Ocean does too. You see, when you don’t look like a fucking whale, you fell good about yourself!

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Posted By admin on 06/20/10 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean

Aletta Ocean's official fansite

If there is one thing Aletta Ocean can do well it is clean up a mess. She doesn’t mind getting her hands wet as she wrings every last drop of sperm out of this guy’s cock.

Aletta Ocean is a true porn star. To her porn is more than just a job, it is a lifestyle. She doesn’t do anal because it’s some kind of fad, she does it because she likes it and you like seeing her take a fat cock in her ass!

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Posted By admin on 06/19/10 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean

A friend of mine was over earlier today and he saw this pic of Aletta Ocean. He thought she looked a lot like Angelina Jolie and I guess I have to admit she does… In this picture.

Only Aletta Ocean is much hotter and sucks two cocks at the same time! Your personal Aletta Ocean password is good at dozens of sites in a large porn network. Talk about going the extra mile (and looking smoking hot doing it!).

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Let’s face it, most women are prudes. It is the truth. How many girls have you dated that would let you put your cock in their ass? Not many I would imagine. That is why Aletta Ocean is so fucking hot!

She let these two studs pick a hole. One liked her tight ass and the other was looking for a porn star blowjob. Yet another reason going to a professional is so important. Who else could give a top level blowjob while getting fucked in the ass? Only Aletta Ocean!

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Aletta Ocean's official fansite

Aletta Ocean was born with a natural curiosity. She had to know just how far the rabbit hole went and one day she decided to find out. After lubing her hand all the way to her wrist Aletta began to insert one finger after another. By the time she hit four things were getting pretty darn tight!

One of Aletta’s best attributes is that she doesn’t like to give up. Soon Aletta Ocean had all of her fingers inside her pussy and she was working on her thumb. With a pop it sunk it and after that the rest of her hand was no problem at all!

Watch the fisting videos above and imagine having sex with this blue eyed porn star!

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Posted By admin on 06/19/10 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean

Aletta Ocean's official fansite

Porn stars have an insatiable need for sex. When you see them pump their hips on a rock hard cock it is obvious they need it the hard way. So what are two hot porn stars like Aletta Ocean and Brandy Smile supposed to do when they have no cock to speak of?

Aletta was nice enough to share her rather large collection of dildos and vibrators with her blonde porn star friend. While it wasn’t as good as the real thing, Brandy Smile was staying true to her name when she sported a big grin after her mind blowing orgasm!

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Posted By admin on 06/19/10 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean

Aletta Ocean's official fansite

Don’t worry, you aren’t too late. Aletta Ocean has another hole waiting for you and believe it or not, it is just as tight as her ass is!

When you join Aletta Ocean you get access to 30 more web sites and the longer you stay a member the more she adds to the mix. Like ass to mouth of a lifetime? There is plenty of that going on at Aletta Ocean, as well as, the other sites you will get!

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