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Posted By Admin on 04/14/22 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean

How fun has your day been for you so far? If it’s been anything but the fun time you expected it to be, you need to relax because for once things are about to go your way. Haven’t you always been wanting to talk with a real woman who listens to you? You deserve nothing but the best and as soon as you decide who is your favorite babe the sooner you can experience phonesex UK.

UK phone sex can be as cheeky or as relaxed as you want it to be. You have that choice in your hands and I guess depending on your current mood you can use it as you see fit. Many men feel shy during phone sex and honestly, don’t feel bad about it. You are talking on a sexual level with a complete stranger so it would be totally natural to feel this. I am not going to tell you how to get the most from your first sex chat because that’s something we all need to discover for ourselves. The only thing I will say is to give it 100% and those sexy babes on the other end of the line are going to do the same for you.

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Posted By Admin on 06/09/18 - Bookmark Aletta Ocean

This is another lesson that I learned from adult dating sites like . You can’t fucking stick to old rules. It’s not regular dating, where you have to be all polite and shit. You don’t have to walk on eggshells. You can say what the fuck you mean, and that was so liberating because by the third time she made the request, I knew what’s going on and I felt really good. I didn’t feel disrespected; I didn’t feel kicked out.

She called me a couple of days later and we hung out, and she’s still a good friend to this day. While we don’t fuck now because I have a girlfriend, she taught me some very important lessons about adult dating. That if you really want it to pan out for you, you have to be honest, you know. Let go of hypocrisy, let go of other people’s expectations, and just be yourself. People who get you would hang out with you. People who respect you and like you will hang out with you. If a person doesn’t like you, regardless of what they look like, regardless of how hot they are, fuck them dude. Life is too short.

And that’s exactly the lesson Deborah taught me. She just slew hypocrisy and really just opened my mind to the fact that when you’re banging a chick, that is not the reward. The reward is the sense of liberation, because you can become another person. You can let go of the fucked up person that you have become, and get back down to basics. And I have to thank Deborah for that. She’s the most real person I know. And an amazing lay, if I may add.

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