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If you’ve been watching porn and started developing favorites, that’s totally normal. I know I have some babes that I will follow no matter where they’re performing. I want to see every ounce of content they produce. It can borderline on obsessive, but it’s just that they’re so fucking hot I don’t want to miss an opportunity to cum to their latest content. 

So you can imagine my delight when I found I could watch live pornstar cams for free. I had heard that my current obsession, Brittany Benz had started performing for on Chaturbate. The next thing I knew I was watching her strip and show off that familiar hot body that had I had jerked off to so many times, but this time it was different. It was live, and in real time. I knew she was actually cumming at the same moment I was, and that took things to a whole new level of excitement. 

There are lots of top pornstars who are turning to cams these days. I saw a real boom since COVID hit, and they weren’t going into the studios anymore. So you can really find top names you never would expect!

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Have you ever been with a girl who faked orgasms? Well, maybe you have but you just never knew for sure. But sometimes you might luck out and get a girl who squirts. That way you can make sure she’s cumming for real as long as that sex juice is streaming out. Gotta keep her honest!

When you’re watching porn you’re hearing girls moan and cum basically the entire video. It’s not very believable if you ask me. That’s why Girl Cum is such a great site. Never have you seen the female orgasm explored and celebrated so deliciously as here. Watch the sluts twitch, convulse, shake, and squirt like you’ve never seen before.

Click here to use our Girl Cum discount to save up to 67%. All of these films are 100% exclusive so you can’t find them anywhere else. They are also shot in 4K Ultra HD which means you’ll feel like you’re in the same room as all the hardcore action. Hurry and sign up for this deal while you still have the chance!

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Some of the ladies here are on the thicker side, there’s definitely some BBWs here. Whether they’re chubby or thinner, you might be surprised by the beautiful big racks they’re packing like our girl Aletta. Having been around for 25 years or so, this porn group prides themselves on big, natural boobs, though they’ve let some salacious babes in with boob-jobs in more recent years, so long as those boobs are as natural-looking as can be. I can definitely say that I’m in no way disappointed with all they have to offer.

Here’s where you can get your 89% off discount to Porn Megaload. They have one of the biggest archives around so you’re getting access to thousands of girls and thousands of videos, and new ones are still coming in on a daily basis. You like teens with big tits? Check. Amateurs? MILFs? Big asses? Check, check, and check. Have a look and grab your deal!



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These are just a couple of the gorgeous females with big juggs that you’re going to find inside of this site. Get this Scoreland2 51% off discount today with some great pay options. You can pay for one 30-day pass at only $14.99 per month. The deal gets even sweeter though when you pick up an annual pass at 67% off. The annual pass is going to save you big time and you’ll only pay the equivalent of $7.48 per month!

Since the site has been re-mastered, you’re getting only the best models and videos in a huge archive of XXX, Girl/Girl, and Solo action. Updates happen daily; this means you’ll never feel like you’re over-paying for access to the same stuff you’ve already seen. With unlimited streaming and downloads, you can certainly keep your all-time favorites and you can do it on all your devices. Don’t miss out on these lusty, busty babes, join today!


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Sexy Babe Fisting Her Pussy Pierced Muffin Watching a hot babe fisting her pierced pussy is my idea of the puuurfect weekend. You don’t see videos like these often enough, but that is all about to change. is making fisting sex a mainstream phenomenon. Soon you will find chicks fisting each other in the pussy at VIP rooms in Miami, and all over the world. Most guys wouldn’t think so, but girls fist out of a natural curiosity about how deep their pussy is. At some point they start shoving shampoo bottles and other phallic shaped items into their vaginas in a bid to measure the depth and the extreme width of their pussy. All of this experimentation eventually leads to them shoving their hand inside to see if it can tickle their insides. And that is how girls start fisting. Find more hot fisting videos on The site has been updating with fisting porn videos and pictures from the hottest fisting sites. Instead of going all over the web trying to find good extreme content you can go to one blog and get it all!

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Naturally beautiful Hayden W on Femjoy

As I was typing out the title for this post I accidentally misspelled bounds as bonds. It struck me as funny that the statement was still true even with the misspelling. You cannot keep true beauty down. It will always prevail. Just look at history. Every time somebody tries to quash beauty they have hell to pay.

FTV Girls is a rapidly growing site because they focus on natural beauty. They always have. It is a simple formula when you think about it. Find hot babes like Hayden W with naturally large breasts. Then create a site devoted to showcasing Hayden W Femjoy updates. What you are left with is thousands of reasons to beat off over beauty.

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I was watching NFL Football today and a commercial came on about the Samsung Galaxy S III. In the commercial the father is getting into a taxi for a business trip and his daughters bump phones with him giving him videos they made for him to watch while he is on his flight. Just before the taxi drives away his wife bumps phones with him to give him a special video she made for him. She tells him he probably shouldn’t watch that one during the flight.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what that video contained. Most of us don’t have such a cool wife as the fictitious one in the commercial. For us there is You can watch hundreds of amateur ex-girlfriend videos uploaded by luckier guys than we are.

This amateur wife masturbating for her husband video was uploaded by the wife! Yeah, I know… Ex-girlfriend sites are all about dissing the ex by shaming her. So this chick must be really fucking awesome to upload her own video. Who does that?

I’ll tell you who! A woman I want to marry!

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What a sweet piece of ass this hot female porn star is. Aletta Ocean has it all. A pussy that makes for an enticing cleft of Venus. A set of tits that practically fit perfectly into the mold you created in your head since you hit puberty. Aletta Ocean is a porn goddess!

Back in the day you used to have to join dozens of sites to see several videos of this porn goddess. These days you only have to join one. Her official site at! Members can download to their hearts content. She updates throughout the week and keeps her members updated on her daily life!

As a member you also get access to all of her porn star friends. Imagine a club where you can hang out with the hottest porn stars in the adult industry. Now stop imagining and join up!

Access includes behind the scenes video outtakes. See what transpires between takes. It is like being at the porn shoot while still enjoying the privacy and comfort of your own home.

All of the Aletta Ocean videos are shot in HD, but come available in a wide variety of formats and bandwidth options. Even if you are on a slow connection you can still watch porn! And if you are on a fast connection you can watch it in DVD quality!

And the most important part? Anything you download is yours to keep. There are no digital rights management on any of the videos or the pictures. So even if you cancel your membership you can still enjoy your porn!

Take the free Aletta Ocean tour!

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